White Sailboats

Deep Cove, British Columbia.

Rose Bush

Watercolour on hot pressed Arches paper 36x 40 cms


Date Palms

  Watercolour on cold pressed Arches paper
   23 x 30 cms

Ely Cathedral, Cambridge

Watercolour with touches of yellow Gouache, on Arches paper,  55 x 60 cms

Edward Gardens, Toronto

Wartercolour on Strathcome 400 series paper,  50 x 50 cms.

Downtown Renovations

Here the pencil drawing was more challenging than the actual painting process.

Watercolour on Strathcome 400 series paper,  55cm x 76cm each

Brass Souk

Watercolour with touches of Gouache.  45 x 65 cms
almost done
first wash

Tea garden

Watercolour and Gauche on Arches paper  45 x 60 cms