Watercolour on Arches paper 140 lbs, 23 x 30 cms.

Pam's Rocks, B.C.

Two watercolours 26 x 36 cms each, on Arches paper.

Snow Shadows

Watercolour on cold pressed Arches paper - 26 x 36 cms.


Experiments with tiny watercolours, about 2" by 3" each


 Demo of one and two vanishing points perspective drawings.

Balcony View

Watercolour on Arches paper,  23 x 61 cms.

This is the view from our 17th floor apartment.  Downtown Toronto is in the far background, and the Aga Khan museum is in the foreground.

Haunted House and Enchanted Forest



Pink Florals

30 x 50 cm

40 x 50 cms

Mountain Village

The challenge here was not to use any greens.
 (The subject is on the right, and the painting on the left).

Camels by the Seaside

Watercolour on Arches paper 31cm x 41cm

My February 2016 Exhibition at the Cairo Music Library

Many of my paintings that were exhibited at this exhibition are posted below, and are published in my book listed in amazon.com. You can view it by copying and pasting this link:   http://www.blurb.ca/b/7067667-mo-s-watercolours

The Courtyard

Watercolour on Strathcome 400 series paper,  50cm x 70cm


White Sailboats

Deep Cove, British Columbia.

Rose Bush

Watercolour on hot pressed Arches paper 36x 40 cms


Date Palms

  Watercolour on cold pressed Arches paper
   23 x 30 cms


Ely Cathedral, Cambridge

Watercolour with touches of yellow Gouache, on Arches paper,  55 x 60 cms

Edward Gardens, Toronto

Wartercolour on Strathcome 400 series paper,  50 x 50 cms.

Downtown Renovations

Here the pencil drawing was more challenging than the actual painting process.

Watercolour on Strathcome 400 series paper,  55cm x 76cm each

Brass Souk

Watercolour with touches of Gouache.  45 x 65 cms
almost done
first wash

Tea garden

Watercolour and Gauche on Arches paper  45 x 60 cms


Backyard Creak in North Vancouver

Watercolour on 140 lbs Arches paper .  23 x 31 cms


Urban Alleyways

My work was exhibited September 2014 at the ArtSquare Gallery: 334 Dundas West,  Toronto


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